Christopher lives his wife Kellie, and his pretty-darn-fantastic son Henry. They have three dogs: Teke, Charlie, & Annabelle; 3 chickens: Beaumont, Sara, & Molly; and a ferret named Birdie that likes to scurry around. 

Christopher is a writer who has written numerous screenplays, both features and shorts that have won numerous awards.  He's written commercials, copy, and cartoons covering a wide variety of content.  He recently retired from teaching - and is completing a book about his experiences. 

Christopher has made a wide variety of short form documentaries and informational videos about various topics.  He has recently completed a series for the Archdiocese of Portland and worked as Director for CVTV in Vancouver, Washington.  Right now, he's in the middle of shooting a documentary that he's pretty darn excited about. 

He currently works for CB&S Advertising as a Broadcast Copywriter, connecting and writing television and radio commercials for Kroger, Fred Meyer, QFC, Smith's Marketplace, Fry's, Simple Truth, Dillons, Gerbes, Baker's, King Soopers, and others.  He likes what he does.

Christopher has done paintings for a number of films (NOVEMBER GRAY (dir. Jones), the 2010 Sundance film DOUCHEBAG (dir. Doremus), and DREAMSCAPE (dir. Chilberg), and the album cover illustrations for the MIRACLE DAYS album (which is amazing) & the FOR OUR LOVE benefit album for Marriage Equality in Oregon.  He works across many mediums including oil, acrylic, ink, pastels, spray paint, and computer designs. 



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